Have you ever been on a party bus before? Perhaps you are wondering if you should to the driver. This is a common courtesy that most people consider, but they may not think that in some circumstances it is appropriate. For example, if you are booking party bus rentals in Newport Beach, CA from an elite service, that tip may be built into the cost of the service itself. Therefore, there are reasons to tip the driver, and to not do so, which we will now discuss.

Newport Beach, CA Party Bus

When It Is Appropriate To Tip

There are three circumstances where it is appropriate to tip the party bus driver. First of all, if they have done something that is above and beyond what they would typically do for the standard client, it is certainly appropriate. For example, if they have been very helpful in taking you to different locations that you have requested, it is certainly a good idea to give them some extra money. Second, if there was a problem with the bus, and they were able to resolve it quickly, that’s another reason to show your appreciation. Finally, as a general rule, as you are leaving the bus at your final departure, it’s good to give them a tip if you have enjoyed your entire evening.

Why You Should Not Tip A Bus Driver

The first reason is that they have not done a very good job at all. You were not happy with the service. They may have not been a very amenable individual. Therefore, you would find it wrong to encourage that type of behavior. Second, it may be against company policy. For example, they may have cameras on board, and they are taping everything that is happening. If it is against those rules, and you know that it is improper to do so, you could actually save them from being reprimanded by not offering them a tip. Finally, if you are with a group of people that are already paying for the party bus, not everyone needs to give the driver some extra money. It is usually left up to those who have coordinated the evening out on the town. Therefore, it is something that should only be done by those that are responsible for the party bus that evening.

What If You Want To Tip?

If you do feel that you really need to tip the bus driver, you can do so discreetly. They often have a container that is positioned right next to where they are sitting. As you are walking off of the bus, you can drop some money in, and it’s likely not going to be a negative event. If they receive this money, and there is already a container to take extra tips, you are likely not getting them in trouble.

For all of these reasons, you should consider tipping your party bus driver. The other reasons for not doing so have already been presented. Even if it is against the company policy, by doing so discreetly, you will not get them into trouble by providing them with extra money. Overall, it’s always a good idea to show your appreciation for the driver of your Newport beach party bus rental that has provided you with an exciting and eventful night whether it was an expensive party bus or cheap.