Prom night is one of the biggest events in the life of a high school student. It is not just a dance party for high school seniors. It is THE event of the school year. Sometimes a school takes the whole year to plan this party for their graduating class like a special send-off. Young ladies get dressed up in glamorous prom dresses and young men don sophisticated tuxedos. The question of whom to ask to the prom becomes a hot topic.

With so much going on, sometimes an important question gets overlooked – how will these high school seniors get to the prom? Some, but not all, might have a driver’s license. However, even if they could drive, they do not want to drive their old cars. They want to get to the venue in style. Some save enough money to rent a limousine, but there are others who want to get together with a larger group of friends and arrive together. The best solution for this is to consider for prom and for the best party bus rentals in Huntington Beach, CA give OC Party Bus a call.

Huntington Beach Party Bus

Here are 3 reasons why this is a good option.

Start the Party Early

Using a party bus is the perfect solution if you have a group of 20 or more people. The bus is equipped with an advanced sound system, TV, WIFI, and all kinds of amenities. It is really like a precursor to the actual prom. The bus goes to each house to pick up each passenger. As each person comes on board, the party gets bigger. The music, chatter, and fun echo through the party bus. It is a perfect way for a group of friends to start their own little prom before they make an entrance to the bigger party.

Guaranteed Safe Ride

With a party bus rental, there is no need to figure out who will be the one driving home. There is a ride ready and waiting for the young folks. Parents do not have to worry because the party bus driver will bring their kids home safe and sound. Even if the kids partied a little too hard during the prom, they will get home safely. Parents will feel more relieved knowing that their child is among a group of friends all taking trustworthy transportation, going to the party and coming home afterwards. Just having that concern alleviated is all worth it.

Luxury At A More Economical Price

A party bus comes with a lot of amenities that you would typically find in a limousine, plus a lot more. Although the cost per hour to rent a party bus is higher than renting a limo, if you divide the cost by the number of passengers that the bus is picking up, the cost per person is actually much cheaper than if the person rented a limousine. With a party bus, every rider can experience traveling in luxury at a very affordable price.

These are the 3 top reasons to book a party bus in Huntington Beach, CA for prom. Using a company like OC Party Bus is a smart choice at many levels. Most importantly, the kids will love it as an extension to their once-in-a-lifetime event.